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        Republic of the Korea Republic of the Korea
        Office Address

        187, 188-B, Teigaon Industrial Area, Dhaka-1208, Bangladesh



        A Space of Inspiration
        Beyond just being a vehicle, the All-new?K900?expands
        the pleasure of motoring to new dimensions that will soothe all your senses.
        It is invariably a healing space tailored just for you.
        Entirely at home in the lead
        all new k900
        all new k900
        We celebrate human accomplishment through objects of desire.
        The all-new Kia K900 towers above the rest with its clean, modernist simplicity,
        its sensuous contours, and its down-to-earth character.
        all new k900
        A grille that shimmers like elegant jewelry.
        Headlamps and tail lamps with dual swooping LED lights.
        Gleaming chrome accents. Just enough bravado to stir the senses of even the most
        discerning luxury car lover.
        Exterior Colors

        • Snow White Pearl rgb(222, 222, 220) /worldwide/vehicles/all-new-k900/images/360vr/01_Snow_White_Pearl/
        • Silky Silver rgb(196, 195, 201) /worldwide/vehicles/all-new-k900/images/360vr/02_Silky_Silver/
        • Pantera Metal rgb(49, 52, 59) /worldwide/vehicles/all-new-k900/images/360vr/03_Pantera_Metal/
        • Lake Stone rgb(57, 66, 73) /worldwide/vehicles/all-new-k900/images/360vr/04_Lake_Stone/
        • Marsala rgb(43, 23, 24) /worldwide/vehicles/all-new-k900/images/360vr/05_Marsala/
        • Deep Chroma Blue rgb(16, 23, 42) /worldwide/vehicles/all-new-k900/images/360vr/06_Deep_Chroma_Blue/
        • Aurora Black Pearl rgb(11, 12, 18) /worldwide/vehicles/all-new-k900/images/360vr/07_Aurora_Black_Pearl/
        Snow White Pearl
        Clean, elegant lines and decadent comfort
        Maurice Lacroix, analog clock button_plus
        Seating choices
        Dark Brown
        Dark Brown
        Sienna Brown
        Sienna Brown
        How less can be so much more
        Even bigger on the inside
        Detailed information about your K900 is a just few taps or clicks away.
        High-tech displays subtly transform and scroll through a vast amount of vehicle data
        in a way that allows you to keep your eyes on the road ahead.
        • Wireless smartphone charger
        • Power-adjustable Front Seats
        • Heated and Ventilated Seats
        • Smart Trunk System
        • Wireless Smartphone Charger
        Advanced materials for your peace of mind
        Advanced materials for your peace of mind
        Remarkably strong steel

        The high strength, lightweight body benefits from thorough application of hot-stamped steel has resulted in class-leading strength. Laser welding, tailor-rolled blanks and use of aluminum all help to make the body lighter and tougher.

        110 m of structural adhesives

        Adhesive technology has made giant strides. Without adding the weight of metal joints, the strategic application of 110 m of adhesives in the K900 boosts rigidity while minimizing noise and vibration.

        Outstanding body rigidity

        New materials and construction methods give the K900 exceptional rigidity, improving performance and cabin protection while keeping weight down. Hot-stamped steel, an aluminum hood and new adhesives are just part of the story. When all taken into account, the K900's average body rigidity makes it a pioneer among luxury sedans.

        Full occupant protection with 9 airbags

        To help protect occupants and potentially reduce injuries in the event of a collision, the K900 offers driver and front passenger airbags, a driver's knee airbag, and two front-side, two rear-side and two sidecurtain airbags.

        DRIVE WiSE
        A watchful eye and a helping hand
        are technology’s highest calling
        DRIVE WiSE explain
        Letting technology do what it does best.
        With Kia’s DRIVE WiSE technology, being at
        the wheel is simply more satisfying. Whether
        you’re parking, maneuvering city streets, or
        on the expressway, DRIVE WiSE features
        watch out for trouble, alert you, and even
        step in when needed to help you stay clear
        of danger.
        • DRIVE WiSE feature - Smart Cruise Control (SCC)
        • DRIVE WiSE feature - Blind-spot Collision Warning (BCW)
        • DRIVE WiSE feature - Rear Cross-Traffic Collision Warning (RCCW)
        These reassuringly civilized engines
        wield stunning torque
        performance img
        Making the very best use of the ground below and
        the air all around
        50:50 weight distribution

        A well-placed center of gravity helps the vehicle maintain
        optimum stability while maneuvering. One secret to the smooth,
        predictable handling of the K900 is the perfect 50:50 weight
        balance between the front and rear axles. Each wheel is better
        poised to do its part to control the acceleration, deceleration and
        path of the vehicle.


        With its belted reduction gear, rack-mounted motor driven power
        steering (R-MDPS) enhances response while minimizing vibration.
        Variable gear ratio (VGR) steering slows off-center steering for
        greater agility while improving high-speed stability.


        With a finely-tuned balance of free travel and precise control,
        the independent front and rear multi-link suspension helps the
        K900 smooth out bumps in the road for a gentle ride, while
        maintaining the precise handling necessary for agile maneuvering
        in challenging driving situations.

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        performance img
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